Monday, October 14, 2013

Kate Wimer

Kate Wimer is a photographic artist whose roots begin in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has since found herself living in Utah, where she graduated with a BFA in studio art from Southern Utah University, and Savannah Georgia, where she graduated with an MFA in photography as a chair fellow at Savannah College of Art and Design. Her photographs have been published and exhibited both nationally and internationally. Wimer now resides with her husband in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she continues to examine the way perceptions of place and home are constructed.

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Project Statement 

Touchstones examines the ways in which people experience and construct notions of place in an increasingly transient society. In the midst of modern diaspora, any fixed or stable sense of locality is becoming increasingly blurred and destabilized. The growing speed, convenience, and affordability of mass transit and electronic communications have acted as catalysts for the evaporation of definitive territories and the carrying of history and cultures across borders. The landscapes of our past become touchstones–things to which we return and against which we compare, places from which we venture out. Through Touchstones, I have enjoyed the opportunity to examine the connections between two locations, Minnesota and Georgia, observing the stacking and translation of meaning between these two locales and the blurring of borders and boundaries of time and space between them. In this photographic series, photographs from my childhood home of Minnesota and current residence in Georgia flow together to construct a metaphor for a layered and decentered sense of place.

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