Monday, June 10, 2013

Pascal Amoyel

Pascal Amoyel has a degree in photography from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie (ENSP Arles). His work analyzes the way people inhabits places and how both of them interact. He explores the distance that goes from the neutrality of documentary style photography, to the subjective glance peculiar to the photographic process. Pascal collaborates with fellow Light Leaked photographer,  Thomas Bouquin on photographic projects. His work had been exhibited and published widely. Pascal lives and works in Paris, where he also writes about photography and curates exhibitions.

View more of his work here 

L’aphélie (Aphelion) Project Statement 

This series was realised in the south of France during the few days of July 2012 when the Earth was at its longest distance to the sun.
This appears to be a time of lowest speed in the orbit, when people slowly drift in makeshift vessels.

" Do you sense the secret, deep meaning of that adventure, when a delicate and pale graduate goes out all alone, through glass doors, from a safe harbour into the immensity of a July night ? Will he ever wade through those black marshes, swamps and chasms of the endless night; will he disembark on some morning in a safe port ? How many decades will that black Odyssey go on ? "

Bruno Schulz, A July Night, 1936.

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