Friday, February 8, 2013

Photo Friday: Alain Greloud

This Photo Friday I'm excited to share the work of Alain Greloud. This work has a certain quiet energy that is memerizing and powerful. The photographs make me feel introspective and drive a desire to create narratives about small moments. 

Alain states, "My photographic research is mostly influenced by travel and literature. More contemplative and narrative than informative, my photos – tinged with solitude – are often polysemous and leave much room for the imagination and reflection. If my work is sometimes marked by the notable absence of human presence, I also treat the theme of humanity more directly through portraiture, notably man’s place in his environment and the the body’s place in spaces.

I studied law and journalism but I work now exclusively as a freelance photographer. I think of photography as poetic introspection, a reflection on the world around us that we often do not know how to see. I live and work in Paris, France. "

View more of Alain's work here

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