Friday, October 12, 2012

Photo Friday: Sofie van Dam

Sofie van Dam's photography explores universal themes and has been exhibited and published internationally. She received her MA in photography from TaiK in Helsinki, Finland, and her BA in photography from the Royal Academy of Art. She currently lives and works in Finland. 

Visit Sofie's website for more information:

My work is rooted in associations. It triggers the imagination of the spectator by referring to collective feelings. This is accomplished through the themes of longing, recollection, alienation, loss, and the transitory. These themes are layered and create tension that slowly reveals the emotions within the image. I capture what is latently present, but not normally visible in society. My process is to work calmly and meticulously at night and in quiet abandoned places. I use diverse staging and illumination techniques with 4x5, digital and Hasselblad cameras.

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