Friday, September 28, 2012

Photo Friday: Beth Devillier

Beth Devillier is currently a graduate student at University of Texas at San Antonio. Her work explores personal experiences and emotions which she channels into narrative photographs. She has recently been published in the PDN Photo Annual as a student winner.  

More of Beth's work can be found here: http://RAMBETH.COM/home.html

Peace and Annihilation

This body of work is an exploration of the emotions associated with the lack of an emotional relationship with my dad. He was always present, but being a working businessman showed little interest. When there was some sort of communication, it was very harsh and critical. Very seldom did we receive any sort of praise from him, no matter how hard we tried. Being left without a solid father figure, I grew attached to my first boyfriend and was married at a very young age, which ended in a divorce at a very young age along. 

In this series, I photograph scenes that I set up in my apartment using objects that symbolize different things associated with my dad in order to create a sinister innocence that reflects how I feel. The idea of being constantly punished for something I did not deserve leaves me with a longing feeling to receive approval from my dad and I am trying to recreate these attempts visually through my photographs. The images continue to show the progression from the age of a child to a young woman as I entered the destine-to-fail relationship with my ex-husband.

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