Friday, January 11, 2013

Photo Friday: Alex Cretey

When I saw Alex Cretey's work, I felt deeply connected to its slightly strange sense of the world. I am filled with a feeling of in-between, and opened ended longing for something unknown. 

Alex describes the series, Presqu'ile as "a body of work where pictures tackle everything familiar to me, trying to keep the naïve fascination and the delight I still experiment when, working as a travel photographer, I'm documenting what is exotic to me. The Presqu'Ile series documents a peninsula in the north west of france, which used to be my home.  Presqu’Ile is the french  word for “peninsula”. Literally in french it means, “Almost an island”. It is a personal trip into a region full of memories, asking what gives this place such an island feeling."

View more of Alex's work here:

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