Friday, September 21, 2012

Photo Friday: Looking at the Land

© Graham Miller  

Looking at the Land — 21st-Century American Views 
An exhibition at the RISD Museum of Art open September 21, 2012 – January 13, 2013 
On Wednesday, October 3, at 6:15 pm, Sally Mann will be giving a lecture. 

The exhibition covers the historical development of landscape photography, including works from Carlton Watkins, Timothy O'Sullivan, and Ansel Adams. Then moves into a few more contemporary photographs by artists such as Alec Soth, Justine Kurland and Laura McPhee.

In collaboration with Andy Adams and, a digital projection ( of 21st-century American Landscape is on view in the Museum's Chance Center lobby in conjunction with an online exhibition. 

For more information, follow these links:

© Laura McPhee 

 Ansel Adams, The Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust

List of contributing photographers juried by Andy Adams:

Graham Miller • Thomas Broening • Susan Lipper • Aaron Rothman • Alexis Pike • Justin James Reed • Caleb Charland • Anne Lass • Youngsuk Suh • Brian Ulrich • Brad Moore • Andrew Phelps • Brad Temkin • Bucky Miller Jeff Rich  Chuck Hemard  Chris McCaw  Carl Gunhouse  Corey Arnold  Christopher Colville  Mark Brautigam  Chad Ress  Caitlin Teal Price  Camille Seaman  Susana Raab  Colin Blakely  Christina Seely  Dalton Rooney  Angie Smith  Daniel Kukla  Daniel Shea  Eirik Johnson  Michael Lundgren  Donna J. Wan  Dana Mueller  Eliot Dudik  Emily Shur  Garie Waltzer  Hyers and Mebane • Ian Baguskas  Eric Bessel  Jason Reblando  Jesse Chehak  Janet L. Pritchard  Jessica Auer  Jennifer Ray  Jon-Phillip Sheridan  Jonathan Smith  Justin Fiset  Kate Greene  Joshua Dudley Greer  Kate Peters  Kyle Ford  Laura Noel  Matthew Schenning  Lauren Marsolier  Justin Newhall  Magnus Bjerk  Matthew Stevenson  Douglas Ljungkvist  Victoria Sambunaris  Michael Sebastian  Maureen R. Drennan  Nicole Jean Hill  Patrick O'Hare  Pamela Pecchio  Todd Hido  Mike Sinclair  Peter Croteau  Stacy Arezou Mehrfar  Noah Addis  Rachel Barrett  Rebecca Norris Webb  Rachel Hulin  Sarah Zamecnik  Sophie T. Lvoff  Jody Ake  William Rugen  Rona Chang  Ryan Boatright  Scott Conarroe  Stephen Chalmers  Rob Hann  Steve Davis  Tema Stauffer  Adam Thorman  Christine Carr  Nate Mathews

Call for Entry Announcements: 


Joyce Elaine Grant Exhibition due November 6, 21012 
Juror: Sarah Kennel
Associate Curator, Department of Photographs, 

National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.  

Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography received by November 3, 2012
Family Juried by Aline Smithson 

Conscientious Portfolio Competition due October 31, 2012 

No entry fee

Houston Center for Photography due October 26, 2012
Juried Fellowship Call for Entry   
Juror: W.M. Hunt, Collector, Curator, and Consultant
PhotoPlace Gallery due September 24, 2012
Open Call: Your Greatest Hits
Juror: Neil Harris, Associate Photo Editor for TIME magazine 

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